One of Murata’s most important ways of working is cooperation. We support this, among other things, with our high-quality in-house trainings.

One example of this is our CFT Leader trainings that we have arranged since 2017. These trainings prepare our employees to lead cross-functional teams (CFT), and the main goal is to develop and improve the operations of cross-functional teams in Murata.

“In today’s working life, we face more and more challenging tasks. Ability to lead teams smoothly gives us the means to proceed dynamically when we need experts from different functional areas to solve challenges”, tells Ville Roininen. Roininen is responsible for developing our sensor testing systems and validation laboratories, and he has been involved in planning the CFT Leader trainings with his colleagues from the very beginning.

What are these trainings like in practice, then?

One of the main themes of our CFT Leader trainings is facilitative management, which provides our employees different practical tools for brainstorming, problem solving and effective meeting practices, for example.

The second theme consists of change management and management by results. This, in turn, trains employees for example in motivating, creating a shared vision and influencing the environment so that the teams have the best possible prerequisites for acting and implementing their plans.

“Besides the actual training days, our CFT leaders always have the opportunity to test the methods they have learned with their own team, supported by a personal CFT coach,” says Roininen.

“The participants have been especially happy for the encouraging and activating atmosphere in the trainings. Lectures and practical exercises have also been in balance, which the employees have liked.”