New work duties and the variety they offer as well as learning and career development opportunities are important motivational factors for many people in their work. We at Murata believe in the power of our company’s internal expertise and the engagement of our professionals, and this is why we do our best to support the realization of meaningful career paths within our organization.

In the following image, I will show you a few examples of career development opportunities, using the career paths of our operators, i.e., production workers, as the model. It is not purposeful to even attempt to describe all the available opportunities, as a person’s individual career path is strongly dependent on their interests, background, experience and personal characteristics.

This is how process development engineer Tommi describes the start of his career at Murata. “As early on as during my first summer as an operator, I was accepted to substitute the shift leader, as I had quickly shown that I was truly interested in the devices and processes of electronics production. Apparently I gave a good impression in this summer job, as I received a permanent position as an operator later that year.”

In most roles, knowledge about the production work and its processes, and even the ability to jump into performing one’s own duties directly in our clean room, are crucial. Tommi continues his career story: “Later on, I moved on from my operator duties to the process development team. My background as an operator was considered a great asset when I applied for the job, and I have been able to take into account the central challenges of operators’ work in the various development assignments. My experience means that I find it easy to step into the operators’ shoes when the changes are being introduced. I feel that the production support organization listens to and values my opinions thanks to my background as an operator.”

“It’s been great to see that people are really able to advance on their career even with a more modest educational background. The Operator Competence Development (OCD) team is clearly often a great starting point for moving on to other duties,” says Niko, who changed career paths from operator duties to an OCD trainer. “One of the greatest experiences was to train the future trainers of a new factory in Japan, who visited Finland to learn about our operations. Next, we plan to go to Japan to coach these trainers further, which is an amazing opportunity!” Niko continues.

So, what is required from you to be able to utilize these opportunities? Firstly, the desire to learn. You also need to be active and maybe have some luck on your side. “I was first inspired to develop myself and learn new things at school, and this has also been fruitful in my working life. These characteristics also make me active and the work more meaningful. Those were undoubtedly the reasons for why I was chosen for my current role,” says Lotta, the process quality team’s technician.

Minna Lantto, Human Resources Development Specialist