At Murata, we support professional development of our employees in many ways. One example of this would be our various study paths. Our employees have the opportunity to complete a vocational degree and take engineering studies on both the university of applied sciences and university level while working full time. For example, we offer our employees the opportunity to complete a vocational degree in Information and Communication Technology at Vantaa Vocational School Varia, which also provides our employees with eligibility for higher education.

In addition to the vocational degree mentioned above, our employees can complete engineering studies that aim at a degree at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. At Metropolia, our employees have options to study Automation Engineering, Production Engineering, or Machine Automation Engineering.

We have also started a pilot for master’s degree studies at Aalto University. The employees participating in the pilot apply directly to the specific master’s program that they find interesting. For example, how do the following options sound to you: Master’s Program in Engineering Physics, Master’s Program in Electronics and Nanotechnology, or Master’s Program in Automation and Electrical Engineering?

Murata’s study paths have two goals: to provide our employees with opportunities for further education and to ensure that we have skilled personnel in the future. It is important for us to support the career development of our employees by supporting their growth to more demanding tasks. More than half of our white-collar positions are filled with internal candidates. By our study paths, we also want to ensure that this internal cycle will remain strong. Our study opportunities have received good feedback from our employees, especially for the fact that it is possible to study while working full time.

As the studies are always completed while working full time, studying requires commitment and motivation. However, jumping on a study path has already supported the career development of many employees. Among those who have participated in vocational or engineering education, there are employees who have already been promoted to more demanding positions or are currently completing their internships in more challenging roles.

Our vision is also to enable doctoral studies while working full time. It is our wish that one day Murata will have an employee who has gone through the entire study path, all the way from a vocational education to doctoral degree.

Tuomas Nurmi, HR Development Manager