The story between Murata and I started from a random chat with Murata personnel at a job fair in Tampere University. On 1 July 2019, I started my first job as a software design engineer at Murata Finland. My main role is to design and develop software called LabVIEW that automates the equipment control and data acquisition process.

I was able to get started with my job here at Murata because the orientation sessions were very informative and helpful, and I have always received support from our team members who have been willing and patient in instructing me. Currently, I am developing and maintaining the EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) software for the EMC test of the products. Even though I had a bit of difficulty regarding the use of the equipment, the laboratory engineers always try to help me.

For me, Murata has been a good employer in many ways. First, Murata Finland has a very comfortable working environment and flexible working hours that allow me to adjust myself to have better working efficiency. Secondly, many supportive co-workers are glad to help at Murata.  As a beginner, I had to familiarise myself with many tools needed for daily work from scratch. Whenever I was confused and asked for help, our team members would teach me.

Thirdly, Murata has a multinational culture, and therefore there are a lot of opportunities to work and collaborate with people from different countries. Besides, the language barrier in our daily work is non-existent on account of everyone being fluent in English. 

Finally, the work experience here is valuable for a graduate student. For the first year, my senior colleagues instructed me on how to design and develop software architecture better, and I have also acquired knowledge of new software design skills. These work experiences have developed my professionalism and contributed to me becoming an experienced software engineer.

There are a few points that I have learned from my career that I would like to share:

  1. Never say never. When I was applying for Murata at the time, there were no suitable positions for me, but I still sent my application to see if there was any possibility. Besides, I started to learn programming languages on YouTube 1,5 years before I started my job as a software design engineer. So nothing is impossible.
  2. Be a lifetime learner. There is always something new to learn and something that’s challenging in the work.

Try to improve your professionalism by enriching your knowledge.