Suvi, one of our product managers in Finland, has been working at the company for 15 years. Suvi feels that a long career in one company has been a good decision. Read below to find out how Suvi advanced from a summer job as a production operator to her current role.

Music studies were exchanged for a career in engineering
Suvi did not originally intend to become an engineer, even though natural science came easy to her in upper secondary school. Suvi studied at Sibelius Academy for a while, but then exchanged her music studies for a master’s degree program in technology at Helsinki University of Technology. Her studies focused on materials and electrical engineering, which were an excellent fit for a company like Murata.

Suvi ended up working at Murata, then called VTI, while she was still a student. During her first summer, she worked at the factory as a production operator. “It was incredibly educational! Some of the other summer employees who worked there back then also still work here now,” Suvi recalls. The following summer, Suvi got a job as a trainee engineer at the validation laboratory, where she worked for several summers and also while studying.

Even her master’s thesis was commissioned by the company. “I studied the sensitivity of one of our sensors. I varied different packaging materials and glues and examined how they affected the product’s sensitivity,” Suvi says about her master’s thesis.

How did her career advance?

Suvi was offered her first permanent role at Murata when the permanent position of an engineer in the MEMS Packaging Development team became vacant. Suvi accepted the new challenges with an open mind and ultimately worked in the team for five years. After these educational years, Suvi received an opportunity to transfer to a more customer-centric role, first as a product engineer and later as a product manager. “In the end, there have been many opportunities available to me as long as I’ve dared to seize them,” she says.

For a long time, Murata has sought to nurture its own skilled employees into experts for the company. Suvi feels that the company wants to hold onto its employees and seeks to utilize their expertise in many ways. “They trust in people’s ability to grow and learn new tasks,” Suvi adds. Another thing that has supported the building of a diverse career path is the fact that factory production, various support functions, the laboratory, and product development are all situated in the same location in Martinlaakso, Vantaa, at Murata.

What are the most important reasons for why Suvi has liked to work for the same company for so many years? In Suvi’s opinion, Murata is an attractive working environment for engineers thanks to its interesting technology. She also draws inspiration from her skilled and nice colleagues. “And, of course, there is one thing that I have yet to try myself: the company offers opportunities to be assigned abroad,” Suvi adds.