Murata in brief

We contribute to the advancement of society with innovative sensor technology that makes driving safer and improves quality of life.

Who are we?

Digitalization, the rise of connectivity and changing mobility increase the demand for sensing solutions in society. At Murata, we contribute to the advancement of society with innovative MEMS sensor technology and our vision is to enable safe and autonomous driving.

We are part of Murata which is a globally leading manufacturer of electronics components and solutions.

The world’s leading designer, seller and manufacturer of ceramic electronics components and solutions.

Established in Kyoto, Japan

Murata's net sales in 2022 (billion EUR)

Employees globally

Employees in Finland

What do we do?

In Finland, we design, develop and manufacture accelerometers, inclinometers and gyro sensors based on the company’s proprietary 3D MEMS technology. These sensors are used to measure things such as acceleration, inclination, vibration and pressure.

Our products are used in applications where reliability and high accuracy is critical. With our technology cars stay in their lanes, people’s hearts keep beating and bridges don’t collapse.

Safety-critical products require special manufacturing conditions

Where is our technology used?

In the automotive industry

We are the market leading manufacturer and supplier of acceleration and inclination sensors to the global automotive industry and the world’s leading manufacturer of motion sensors for electronic stability control systems. Every minute our sensors are installed into fifty new cars. Our future vision is to enable safe and autonomous driving.


In healthcare applications

In medical and healthcare applications our medical sensors enable improved care and a better quality of life for patients. We are the global market leader in motion sensors for pacemakers. Every minute a pacemaker containing our accelerometer is installed in a patient somewhere in the world.

In industrial applications

 We supply sensors for the most demanding agricultural and other heavy machinery applications such as harvesters, forest machines, tractors and mining equipment. In addition, our sensors are used from UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) and rotorcrafts to commercial jets in various flight instruments and applications.

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