Did you know that the operations of the entire global Murata corporation are guided by the Shaze, Murata’s own company philosophy? The Shaze was created by Murata’s owner Akira Murata in 1954, ten years after Murata was founded. A great economic crisis had just devastated the operations of the Japanese company, and Akira Murata decided that the grim effects of the crisis should not be repeated. Murata created the Shaze to prevent similar consequences from taking place in the future.

Akira Murata wrote several drafts of the Shaze, on the basis of which the finished version was finally created.  Although Murata has grown into a global corporation in the six decades since the creation of the philosophy, the Shaze has remained unchanged to this day. Today, the ideas of our Shaze unite our 74,000 employees around the world.

What does our Shaze say about our mission and the way we operate?

The first line of the Shaze reveals the mission of the entire global Murata corporation: we want to contribute to the advancement of society. Originally, this referred specifically to improving the level of education by enabling the production of higher quality radios and televisions. At Murata’s Finnish unit, we contribute to this goal these days above all with products and solutions that improve safety and quality of life, which we design, develop and manufacture in Vantaa.

The Shaze also explains how we carry out our mission and determine the company’s value base. For example, it guides us to use scientific methods as a basis for all our decision-making and continuously develop technologies and our skills in our work. Every Murata employee is encouraged to innovate, not only in product development, but in every single activity at all levels of the company’s operations. Trustworthiness, in turn, is seen as essential to our operations and competitiveness, whether it is about paying our bills in time or ensuring that our safety-critical products are safe and reliable. The last one is a business principle learned by our founder Akira Murata from his own father: Success does not mean an increase in wealth alone, but also an increase in well-being and happiness. Murata would not succeed alone. Instead, we must work together with our stakeholders and together be grateful for the support and the advancement in society we have brought about.

Do you want to know more about how this timeless philosophy took shape? Akira Murata’s biography is available as an English-language manga version on our website.

The Shaze is Murata’s basis for both short- and long-term strategies. In challenging situations or in the midst of major decisions, we can go back to the philosophy and seek guidance on the right way forward.

Murata’s shaze

We contribute to the advancement of society
by enhancing technologies and skills
applying scientific approach
creating innovative products and solutions
being trustworthy
and, together with all our stakeholders, thankful for the increase in prosperity.


Antti Heikkinen, Manager, Equipment Control
Antti has previously been as an expat in Japan.