Murata Finland’s MEMS Design Team is responsible for designing and modeling sensor elements based on microelectromechanical systems. MEMS elements are mechanical structures made of silicon that can be used to measure movement such as acceleration, angular velocity, or pressure.

What skills are needed in your team?

In our team, we need a good understanding of physics and mathematics, as well as simulation and coding skills. Problem-solving and data analysis skills are also important. Experience in MEMS testing brings practical benefits. Collaboration skills within the team and between teams are also essential for achieving the best overall outcome.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Creating new design concepts in collaboration with other teams is great. In this work, you have relatively free rein to express yourself and challenge old paradigms.

How do you apply Murata’s corporate philosophy and cultural etiquette?

We strive to understand phenomena occurring in sensors using a scientific approach. Without a deeper understanding of things, it’s easy to go from one problem to another without finding solutions. Additionally, we aim to be creative and proactive in our work while focusing on activities that provide genuine added value. This allows us to reduce design iterations, for example, which speeds up product development.


Fun facts

  • The age distribution of the team is 42 ± 9 years (1 sigma deviation), and on average, team members have worked at Murata for 13.5 years.
  • We can speak ten different languages.
  • On our recreational day, we like to engage in adventure trips



Stay tuned – more Murata Team introductions are coming soon!